As a non-profit entity, Major Key seeks to provide musical training for students ages 10-15 in Baltimore and DC through innovative classroom instruction. Classes will include training in music theory, keyboard skills, and songwriting, in conjunction with electronic music production techniques, music technology, and exposure to music-related online social platforms. Students will be given the tools necessary to build original beats, create and perform music, and empowered to find and share their voice through music. They will showcase their original works to family members and program donors at year-end gala.

Music is a powerful tool for self-expression and for building connections and empathy towards others. Our training programs will be strategically implemented in varying socio-economic regions throughout Baltimore/DC. Throughout the year, students will have opportunities to interface on projects through online platforms, and they will come together in performance at the end of the program gala.

Music is also a powerful tool for social change and a way to fight the oppressive systems we’re born into. Through program leaders and guest performers, students will be exposed to past and present artists who have left a positive mark on their own communities and changed the world through music.

Music and arts are under attack from the current political administration with the National Endowment for the Arts and other arts organizations facing major cuts. Major Key understands that creativity can be a powerful force during times of government restriction. As creators, innovators, and leaders in society; artists need programs and vehicles such as Major Key in order to invest in and protect their communities, and to train and empower our next generation of creators.