In addition to Tribe artist-volunteers, Major Key was founded by two full-time directors who work in collaborative sections of the music industry.

David “Czar” Jones

Repping Alexandria, Czar, is a fast-rising DMV-based musician who knows first-hand that music opens up avenues to fight the systems we’re born into. His incredible life story and hooks are starting to bring him national attention as he brings his skill to Snoop Dogg’s 2017 Puff Puff Pass Tour.

Born to a single mother in North Carolina, Czar has lived and worked all over the country, eventually cultivating a music sound that was country-bred with inner city swag. Czar was locked up at 12, but given a second chance by the same church that taught him the power of music. He got out and with their help, he spent probation doing community service working on recreation services for the same kids who should have been his classmates.

A cousin in a North Carolina hip hop group taught him how to write hooks, and eventually, he founded his first group Two Man Mafia. Czar has spent time with Def Jam, Universal, and TI’s Grand Hustle records, currently working bi-coastally with newly revamped Doggystyle Records, dropping the single Ridiculous on iTunes in July. Look for mixtape “West Side Connected” later this year and in the meantime, follow Czar on Instagram & Twitter.

Sofia Hailu

A classical music renegade, Sofia Hailu, “Wild Mulatto,” breaks down barriers and unlocks cultural relevance from music centuries old. She connects art forms to the audience, pursuing strong and meaningful collaborations with visual artists and art lovers of all genres. She credits her formal training to Indiana University Jacob’s School of Music. Sofia is a founding member of Major Key Foundation and acted as Executive Director through January 2018.

Sofia transcends category: a U.S. Army Fife and Drum corps flutist at home in the hip hop scene, she’s brought a revolutionary sound to audiences that have included President Obama and Queen Elizabeth II.

She founded Counterclassic, a collective where classical and jazz musicians, visual artists, and DJs come together to blend art forms across time and genre.

Sofia is also eager to explore the healing properties of music, and performs on a volunteer basis for Hospice patients and other individuals undergoing critical care. Follow Sofia on Instagram & visit her website!